Monday, July 8, 2013

3 Lies and 4 Truths About Sugar

Ha!! I said that a couple weeks ago and here I am, One week 2, day 8 of my 21-day glucose cleansing. It's been a huge chance to learn to say the least.

Days 2-4 were challenging. I experienced exhausted, exhausted, antsy and jonesing for my lovely cure in manufactured. I'll be sincere, at periods it absolutely pulled and I experienced extremely unpleasant... actually and psychologically.

Pre-detox, it was very very common to achieve for a gluten-free bananas candy processor muffin from my preferred grocer Outpost Meals when I experienced anxious, confused or tired. ("shiny object" and evade = muffin)

"I AM coaching for Batman after all. What distinction does it create if I eat a muffin everyday for the whole One week. I'm FINE. I definitely don't have a 'problem' with glucose and can quit whenever they want."

Well... let me tell you what I've discovered from my little glucose cleansing so far... I relied on glucose a lot more than I believed. A lot more. Be it ointments + Gatorade with my exercise, a muffin or biscuit after lunchtime and candy or pot maize after crumbling on the sofa post-workday. Without sugar's soothing, annoying, and invigorating results, I've been compelled to deal with my worries, worries and stresses go on.

What's kept me on panel thus far is telling myself that the only way through terrible is through. I did modify my company name from Health and health and fitness for EveryBODY to Courageous Nourishment for a purpose, after all. To be anything but fearless in the encounter of glucose would be, well, undesirable in my thoughts.

To create my factor and reduce some mild on why the terrible you and I are so drunk by glucose in all it's types, I've designed this record of LIES and TRUTHS. (Oh you sugar!! Provider and taker-awayer of joy!!)


Sugar is a necessary wicked.
Sugar ("real" or fake) is excellent for you.
Sugar is your best resource of power.

TRUTHS that set us FREE and keep us FEARLESS:

Sugar is HIGHLY obsessive.
All carbs in their most primary type are the same.
Sugar creates you fat and declines your whole body.
You eat a lot more glucose than you think.
Dramatic? Perhaps. True? Definitely, favorably, YES!!

If you'd like to do your own mini-sugar cleansing research (which I absolutely double-dog challenge you to do), avoid your regular morning hours, mid-day and evening lovely treats for 3 periods. Just 3 periods, that's it. If you don't even think you can, then you must. If you're fairly sure you can, then you will.

Take the organized and reinforced 21-Day Sugar Detox drop for yourself and experience the impressive, fearless changes in your speed and agility and everyday lifestyle take keep. It's fairly throwing awesome!